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About Keeping it in the family

Eco friendly and sustainable reusable cotton masks, handmade by a Melbourne family

Our masks are double layered and have a pocket for a third layer or filter. We use a combination of vintage, recycled and new cotton for the front of the mask.

For every 5 masks ordered we donate a mask to a local community group because everyone should have access to reusable masks to stay safe and stop the spread


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How to use your Mask

Using the materials provided fit your mask snugly. The filter pocket allows for the inserting of additional layers of filtration. See more details for mask use on your Department of Health service.


Mask Making

Every mask is crafted by Kitty and family, from high quality new and vintage fabrics. Kitty and Sam have selected materials for a Melbourne look. 



our delivery in Australia is around 3-5 business days, and to the USA is 2 weeks.


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